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Five Easy Bridal Party Poses

Five Easy Bridal Party Poses

Need inspiration for bridal party poses? Or maybe you want to shake things up in your wedding photography? Trust me, I understand your pain and I want to help!

Bridal parties can be so much fun, but taking these photos also poses a number of difficulties (since this is the biggest group you’ll be posing all day). From my experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve put together five easy poses for bridal parties, that will make your photos look effortlessly posed.

Here are five easy poses for bridal parties:

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

1. Stand in a straight line.

First things first, let’s get one good photo of the bridal party with everyone looking at the camera!! Typically, I start with this pose and have them do different things with their faces.

Tell them:

  • Stand shoulder to shoulder
  • Face me straight on
  • Guys, put hands right over left
  • Girl, put your bouquet at your belly button
  • Look at me & smile!!

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

2. Squeeze in.

Next, I love getting a photo that looks like the bridal party is just barely fitting into the frame! This photo gets rid of empty space in between the bridal party members, and it creates a close knit / family like feel to the images.

Tell them while they’re still in the previous pose:

  • Turn in towards each other
  • Squeeze in really tight
  • Act like there’s barely any room in the frame for everyone
  • Everyone look at the bride & groom / then look at each other

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

3. Walk staggered.

I love getting some movement in my bridal party photos! Most of the time, the bridal party prefers to move around anyways, so they’ll look more natural and it’s a win win.

Tell them:

  • Link arms with your aisle partner
  • Stand behind the bride & groom
  • Stagger yourselves
  • Walk slowly towards to camera
  • Look at each other and laugh.

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

4. Throw someone in the air.

This is a fun one for the groomsmen specifically! If the guys are down for it, it’ll get a big laugh out of everyone in the party, so it’s a great time for candids too.

Tell them:

  • Pick up the groom
  • Give him a toss in the air

It’s super simple, and leave it up for interpretation. They might do it a little different than normal and that’s totally ok!

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

5. Group Hug

This is another pose I love that makes the bridal party look like a tight group of friends (because they probably are!) Plus, it’ll get lots of laughs from everyone which makes for great candids.

Tell them:

  • Everybody crowd around the bride & groom
  • Leave a space open in front of the bride & groom so no one blocks them
  • Have everybody group hug
  • Try asking the bride & groom to kiss and everyone else cheers!

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