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How to Capture Movement in Your Photos

How to Capture Movement in Your Photos

Hi there!! If you’re reading this, that means you want to learn how to incorporate more movement into your photos (which is always a great thing). Movement creates a natural and candid feel to photos, and today we’re going to talk about how to achieve this in your photos!

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Tip #1: Use Prompts

One of the best ways to incorporate movement into your photos is by using prompts AND poses. Here’s the difference between the two: 

Prompting is telling your subject to do something without super specific instructions. Basically, letting your subject choose the face that they make & choose their reaction.

For example: walk towards me holding hands, whisper a joke into her ear, etc.

Posing is using exact poses and positioning your subjects in the right place. Typically, I’ll tell my subjects to stay in a specific pose (like press your foreheads together), but my prompt will be specifically geared towards their reaction (look into each other’s eyes and tell each other something you love about each other).

While I still use poses for specific types of photos, if you want a more candid feel to your images, I highly suggest prompting your subjects too!!

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

Tip #2: Keep the couple interactive

When your subjects are interacting with eachother, it’ll help keep the movement alive and give you some time to get new angles! Let the couple talk to each other, and give them fun prompts to keep them moving throughout the session.

A great way to keep your couple interactive is by giving them a longer prompt to do!! So if you tell your couple to walk around and bump hips with each other, this will give you lots of time and multiple opportunities to get an interactive shot.

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

Tip #3: Use a low shutter

I love using a low shutter to capture the movement within my photos! I’ll usually lower my shutter to 1/30 and let my camera do the rest (make sure you change your other setting accordingly for proper exposure)

When you use a lower shutter, it creates a natural motion blur within the image and it’s such a fun way to incorporate motion into your images.

Have your couple do something with a bit more movement than the typical pose, like the example above! Even if you tell your couple to sway back & forth, the low shutter will capture some of that motion in your photos.

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer Cassidy Lynne

Tip #4: Tell a story with movement

As I’m capturing my subject, I’m constantly thinking “how can I tell a story within these photos?” And oftentimes, the answer is to incorporate movement into my photos in some way!! 

These are some of my favorite story telling vibes:

  • Running away in a field together
  • Sneaking in a kiss somewhere public
  • Hugging because they’re sooo in love
  • Adventuring through the mountains
  • Enjoying a day on the beach

You get the point!! Each photo you take can tell a story.

What story do you want to tell with these photos? Utilize poses and prompts that will naturally portray their emotion & their unique story!

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