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How I Stay Organized

How I Stay Organized

If you’re anything like me, running a photography business can be kinda crazy. I always have 1000 things going on: scheduling sessions & calls, emails to send, contracts going out, and I needed one place to keep track of EVERYTHING.

So today, I’m going to talk about why I use Honeybook to run my photography business! 

For those who don’t know, Honeybook is a client management system that helps creatives book more clients, manage clients, and get paid in the same place. I use it every single day, and it’s become one of the reasons why my business kinda runs itself (through automation, templates, etc!) So let’s jump into a few of my favorite things about Honey Book:

Contracts, Invoices, and Proposals

Honeybook let’s me send contracts, invoices, and proposals to my clients! All contracts can be signed online within seconds, and invoices can be paid via credit card within seconds too.

It’s great for looking professional, and I can send contracts / invoices right from my phone. I hate the idea of being tied to my computer in order to book clients and with Honey Book, I don’t have to!! 

Before I had Honey Book, I was sending invoices with a PDF and contracts via snail mail. This speeds up my process by 5000% and I’m so grateful for it.

Client Organization

I suck at keeping track of my sessions, but Honeybook let’s me organized my projects in a SUPER SIMPLE way.

I can keep track of my new inquiries and as a client moves forward in the booking process, Honey Book moves them along my ‘pipeline’ until they’re in my Planning section – where I have all of my official booked projects. I can easily see who still needs to sign contracts, pay retainers, and who I need to follow up with. 

When you’re managing 50+ projects at a time, it’s essential to have an organization system that can keep all of your clients laid out in one place. Plus, Honey Book syncs with my Google calendar so I seriously NEVER forget a session and I NEVER double book (it’ll tell me if I already have something on the date of a new inquiry).

Automatic Workflows

Honeybook has a super awesome feature called ‘workflows’, which basically allows you to add automatic steps to each project based on what needs to be done.

For my inquiries, I apply a workflow that sends an automatic response email, then reminds me to send my pricing guide, then it automically sends a 3 day follow up email and a 7 day follow up email if they don’t respond to my initial Pricing Guide email.

For my weddings, I have it set up so Honey Book automatically sends my Engagement Session Outfit Guide, sends my questionnaire 30 days before their wedding, sends a ‘wedding day prep’ email 7 days before, and so many other things!

It keeps my life simple and doesn’t make me stress about things that need to get sent out to clients on certain dates.

Email Templates

I’ve written custom email templates for every situation, so I can minimize my email time and spend time doing other things for my business!!

To be honest, this feature has saved me hours of writing out the same email to new inquiries, and speeds up my emailing process by 10x.

Scheduling Tool

I love Honeybook’s scheduling tool SO MUCH! Like, so much. Honeybook provides a link that I can send to people to schedule a session, mentorship, or phone consultation with me. Honeybook looks at my schedule and provides clients with openings to schedule a time with me (without the back & forth of figuring out a time we’re both free).

I send a scheduling link to clients all the time: for an initial phone call, for a mentor session, to schedule an engagement session, to schedule a senior session, to schedule a podcast interview with me – literally anything can be scheduled through this tool. Game 👏🏼 changer 👏🏼

Okay, so how can you sign up??

You can get 50% off your first year of Honeybook using my referral link, because I want you to step up your photography business ASAP.

Check 50% off your first year of Honeybook here! Code: CASSIDYLYNNE

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