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Places to Propose in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Places to Propose in Grand Rapids, Michigan

So you want to propose in Grand Rapids…

Don’t worry, I gotchu!! If you want to pop the question & are looking for someplace unique, but not cliché, then keep reading!

After my years of experience as a couples photographer, I’ve photographed my fair share of proposals and I want to share my knowledge of proposal locations with all of you potential fiancés!! Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite spots in Grand Rapids, Michigan to propose. Be sure to check out each of the locations websites to see if it’d be a good fit for you!

Proposal Photo by Cassidy Lynne

1. Downtown Grand Rapids

I had to throw this one in first, because there’s so many awesome places to propose in Downtown Grand Rapids. While this list is not all inclusive, here’s a few of my favorite spots in Downtown Grand Rapids to pop the question:

Downtown Grand Rapids Engagement Photos by Cassidy Lynne

2. On the Beach

If you’re looking for a place more private to propose, this is a great option for you!! Grand Rapids is only 30 minutes from some awesome Lake Michigan views, and you can even personalize the space with decorations, candles, pictures, and whatever else you want to make the moment special. Here’s a few of my favorite beaches near Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Oval Beach Engagement Photos by Cassidy Lynne

3. During A Photoshoot

Although this isn’t technically a ‘location’, you can work together with a photographer to coordinate the perfect proposal!! If you don’t have a spot in mind, or you just want to document the moment, it’s a really fun idea to coordinate your proposal with a photoshoot.

Essentially, you’d tell your partner that you want to get photos done – or you can take your partner on a surprise date & make the date a photo session. However you get your partner in front of the camera, you can coordinate with the photographer beforehand to let them know how / when you’ll pop the question.

It’s a win win, because you’re getting engagement photos while also popping the question at the same time!! Plus, a photographer is going to know the best places to give you the best proposal ever. Get in touch with me about my proposal planning process here.

4. Fredrick Meijer Gardens

If you’re looking for an indoor place to propose, Fredrick Meijer Gardens is going to be your best friend!! Not only can you play it off as a ‘date’, but it’s full of beautiful plants and flowers – which will make your proposal very secluded and beautiful at the same time!

View Fredrick Meijer Garden’s website here.

Proposal Photo by Cassidy Lynne

5. Your Favorite Restaurant

There’s something special about popping the question in a place that means something to both of you, so why not propose at your favorite restaurant? If you’re going to choose this option, be sure you set the mood with an order of your favorite drinks and propose when the time is right. There’s nothing better than a plate of good food to make your partner say yes!!

Choose A Place With Sentimental Value + Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

At the end of the day, pop the question in a place that’s going to speak volumes of your relationship. Whether that’s at the beach, in downtown, or wherever – remember that your proposal doesn’t have to be perfect!! You want to marry your partner, right? So take a deep breath, because that’s all they want too! Don’t get caught up in the small details that won’t matter in the long haul.

So now, are you looking for someone to capture your proposal story in photos? Fill out my contact form below to find out more!

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