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How To Stay Organized During Busy Season

How To Stay Organized During Busy Season

If you’re anything like me.. I don’t stay organized well when I’m shooting 3 times a day, two weddings on the weekend, and I hardly have time to deliver previews. Well, if you’re new here – that’s why autumn is called busy season! While I love being busy and booked out, you still need to stay on top of your business to make sure you’re keeping your clients happy.

Lucky for you, I’ve mapped out a few key ways I stay organized during the chaos of busy season:

Plan out your week on Sunday night.

One of my biggest tips for staying on top of things is planning out my week before it all starts. I’ve actually invested in a paper planner, where I write down my whole schedule for the upcoming week. 

I start by writing out all of my tasks & goals for the week on a separate paper, and once I write in all my upcoming sessions for the week, I then time slot each task that needs to get done. This method keeps me on track throughout the week, and I know what I need to do each day!

Set designated times for emails, contracts, and general correspondence. 

I’m sure your inbox is going CRAZY but try not to let it distract you! Set aside times for responding to emails, sending contracts, and all that other office work! If it’s not within your designated times, then focus on the other things you have planned. 

Edit intentionally and know due dates.

When photographers have back to back shoots, chances are high that your editing workload is HEAVY. Be sure to effectively communicate your current editing queue to your clients, and know when you need to have sessions edited by (put the due dates in your calendar!!). Schedule time to edit your sessions, and DON’T EDIT WITH NETFLIX. This may be a controversial topic, but you will be so much more efficient if you focus just on editing & not last night’s drama from The Bachelorette.

Work on your business, but just in it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the every day tasks, and to forget about the big picture stuff! Some of these things include:

  • Blogging
  • Planning your social media
  • Investing in education
  • Posting regularly
  • Sharing content on Pinterest
  • Updating your website

If you’re reading through that list and feeling like you can’t accomplish these things without going insane, maybe it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant!

Take breaks.

Geez. Go easy on yourself and implement some self love today. In between editing sessions or answering emails, take a minute to look away from the screen and take a breath. I like to go out on my deck (with no phone or laptop), and just soak in the sun for a few minutes. Afterwards, I always feel ready to focus again!

Go out and create something just for fun!

During a busy season of shooting, editing, delivering, and repeat… it can be easy to run into a creative block! Try going out and exploring someplace new, or doing a creative shoot you’ve always wanted to try! Here’s a few creative ideas you can try:

  • Take some self portraits
  • Ask a couple to model for you in a new location
  • Rent a dress you’ve been dying to shoot
  • Do a Tik Tok challenge & put a photographers twist on it
  • Shoot an event / a new type of photography you normally wouldn’t

What are some ways you stay on track during a busy season?

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