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Why Pricing Guides Are Important

Why Pricing Guides Are Important

Today, we’re talking alllllll about Pricing Guides in a photography business! Having a Pricing Guide has changed my business completely, and truly has helped it grow. So let’s talk about why you should be using a Pricing Guide in your business too.

A Pricing Guide delivers your prices in a professional way.

The biggest benefit to sending a Pricing Guide is showing your potential clients that you’re professional. No one likes to be greated with an email consisting of a long list of prices on a Word Doc & no context, so why not make the process more enjoyable for your clients?!

When potential clients are looking for their photographer, they’re basing the decision off of first impressions. A Pricing Guide is the professional piece of info that will give off the best first impression you possibly can. Not only will your potential clients get a feel for your branding and your style, but they’ll also remember your Pricing Guide apart from other photographers!!

A Pricing Guide establishes your credibility as a photographer.

When you have a pricing guide to send to your potential clients, it shows that you’ve been around the block a few times (and you know what you’re doing!!). It’s always good to add in extra tips, reviews, and helpful information into your pricing guide. By doing this, you’re proving to your potential clients that you’re willing to help them throughout the process & you’re a true professional in your industry.

A Pricing Guide streamlines your booking process.

This one is HUGE! A pricing guide will make your booking process so much simpler (for you and your clients). If you’re responding to inquiries with the same Pricing Guide & email template every time, it speeds up your response time & that’s important. It also allows you to reference the guide on phone calls, and ultimately, book your clients from the info they see on the pricing guide.

I love sending pricing guides because it’s one less thing you have to worry about! And when I have 10 other things on my plate, the last thing on my mind is putting together my pricing for an email.

All right, I hope I convinced you to send pricing guides to ALL of your inquiries! I promise, it helps SO much. If you need a place to design your Pricing Guide, I love using Canva to design all of the guides that I send to clients.

Want to send a Pricing Guide but don’t know where to start? Buy my Pricing Guide template here!

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