The photographer you didn't know you needed.

I'm going to be transparent for a sec: there's a REAL problem in wedding photography.

While there are millions of pretty wedding photos out there, there's no connection between the couple + the photos. I've got some good news for you!! My goal is give back the NOSTALGIA from your wedding day.

I'm your go-to wedding day resource!

Let’s start from the beginning!

I’m a Tik Tok obsessed wedding photographer, a born + raised Michigan girl who also loves to travel with my hubby (Charlie). We’ve traveled all over the country, and cannot get enough of plane rides + new places!

Whether you picture yourself getting married in Yosemite or in your favorite local venue, I’ve done it all – and I want to capture your story in all of its uniqueness.

Not only will I be there to capture your wedding day, but I want to serve you. That means I’ll give you sample timelines, give you outfit advice for your engagement session, pick out wedding photo locations – I’m here to do it all!

You can trust that I’ll be your best wedding day sidekick, and we’ll have a heck of a party getting you hitched!!